Tech Steps

Hello! :)

We are a training organization with a strong focus on educating children and young adults in digital skills, to equip them for tomorrow's future. Tapping into Galway’s talented pool of artists and creators, we aim to combine art, innovation and technology in specialized workshops to create something wonderful….

We cater for every age and have worked with 4 year olds in Junior Infants, people in their 90s as part of our Mens Sheds Outreach, and every age in between!

Our Corrib Kids Coding children's coding classes are run by Kristian and Laura runs the adult digital skills training groups. 

Investing in our communities

We teach under resourced groups how to code through game making, robotics, coding games and challenges, using our mobile laptops, ipads and robotics in schools, libraries and centers as well as online. Courses are low cost to participants and the majority are fully or partially funded by our various partners and sponsors. We can discuss all options with you!

“We invest back into our local communities through hardware donations and cost free workshops.”